Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Times and Seasons

Well, I feel like rubish for not updating all semester. Adjusting to home life is hard, and frankly, I didn't want to just sit here and complain about it. So I got through it, and I'm happy to ay I made it to the end of my first semester back alive! With great strides in my grades and my degree progress! So I feel very accomplished.

Since coming home from my mission, BYUI dropped my major, so I'm by default a Child Development major. I'm at a crossroads with deciding what I want to do from here. My plans are to maybe transfer out, and if I can't then to just stay. My original major was PE and Health Education, and not many schools have that. So I'm keeping my options open.

Next semester I'll be back at Disney World lifeguarding like usual! I'm excited for a fresh start, and a change of scenery for a little while. I'm excited to be able to keep warm for my 5th straight winter! Yay me!

So, I am back to normal, and back to blogging! So get ready to hear about my awesome adventures! This Monday the 17th, I am heading back to San Diego to visit all of my love and family! I am very excited to see their progress, and to show my family around the mission!! I love San Diego!!

So, here is to a fresh start, and a happy new journey!!


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